Illuminating Your Memories Forever...

We Would Love To Tell You A Little About Us 

Illuminating your memories forever...

~~ Our mission is to turn your

memories into works of art with

lasting candle keepsakes that can

be enjoyed by you and your loved

ones for many years to come.

  For years Reminiscents has been creating beautiful custom design keepsake Hurricane Candles. We preserve flowers from  weddings, funerals, anniversaries, pet memorials, valentines, other special occasions and even from your very own garden! We professionally arrange the flowers within the wax walls of our Heirloom Candles and Electric Light Candles. Our candles can be lit, but will never burn away and can last indefinitely! We began by marketing our candles to florists, gift shops and at trade shows around the country. Meanwhile, word on our unique and beautiful candles traveled rapidly and many people began mailing us their flowers. The demand for our custom-designed hurricane candles began to "explode". We answer your question..."WHAT CAN I DO WITH MY FLOWERS?"