Illuminating Your Memories Forever...



1) Why does it take 4-6 weeks, from the time that you receive my flowers for me to receive my order?Your candle is a hand-crafted and custom made creation. Our flower drying process takes several weeks. Your flowers are then carefully arranged within the wax walls of your candle light. There are also numerous finishing touches required before your heirloom candle light is then ready for to be packed and shipped to you.

2) When do I pay for my order? A 50% deposit is required to begin the drying process.  The balance is due before the order is shipped or picked up. We accept all major credit cards, check or cash. 

3) How many flowers do I need to send for each candle light? Our Flower Guide will help you determine how many flower heads we will need you to send us for the candle size that you choose. Since flower heads can vary greatly in size, the numbers indicated in our Flower Guide were chosen to ensure that we will have ample flowers to create the most beautiful candle light(s) for you to enjoy for years to come.

4) What types of flowers work best in the candles?Gerbera daisies, roses, lilies, carnations, calla lilies, irises and most flowers dry very well and look beautiful in the candle lights.

5) Are there any flowers that don’t work well in the candle lights?Certain sunflowers (those with very large centers and short petals). Gardenias, some orchids and extremely dense flowers such as magnolias, do not typically dry well.

6) What are your most popular sizes? Because of price and quantities, one person, ordering for many family members, often selects our medium and small size candles. Brides generally order for themselves, the mothers, and the wedding party. They usually order the large or Aristocrat sizes for themselves and the medium or small for the mothers or wedding party.  

7) Can you put pictures in the candle lights?Yes, we can put pictures in all our candle lights. If you decide on a picture, you will need to email the picture as a jpeg attachment. This allows you to retain your picture and for us to size it appropriately for the candle size and shape that you choose. Just be certain to indicate which picture goes in which candle light. You will need to email us your picture(s), as a jpeg attachment. 

8) What other types of memorabilia can you use in the candle lights?We have created candles using quite a variety of memorabilia! Some of these examples are shown in the gallery section of our website. Shiny objects are not appropriate, as the wax will not adhere to the object. Also, if the size of the memorabilia is thicker than the candle light wall thickness, it will not work. (Generally, the item should be no more than ¼” thick.) We have made candles using cotton bolls, soybeans, wheat, corn, herbs, and baby items, just to name a few. We have also made candles using school emblems that have been photocopied and emailed to us. (See our gallery)

9) Can you use silk flowers in the candle lights? Yes, we often use silk flowers in the candle lights. (Some artificial flowers do not work.) Keep in mind that there are many different dye lots used in silk flowers, so it is possible that some dyes may "bleed" into the wax. It is rare that this happens, and when it does it usually does not detract from the beauty of the candle..

10) Where can I purchase replacement fuel cells and can I use the same size fuel cell in any candle light?We use 4 different size fuel cells in our candle lights. It is very important that the correct size fuel cell be used in each candle light. You will find this information on the label on the bottom of your individual candle lights. 18 hour - petite size 35 hour - mini and small sizes 50 hour - medium sizes 90 hour - tall sizes You may order additional fuel cells by calling us @ (901) 309-3777 or by going online to

11) How do I know that my flowers are in my candle light?The flowers that you send to us are photographed as soon as they arrive at our shop. These pictures are kept on file for 3 months after your order has been shipped back to you. We have no reason to use flowers other than those that you send to us. Without your flowers, we can't create your custom candle lights..

12) How do I mail my flowers to you?See specific instructions on the "Flower Preparation/Shipping" page. Priority Mail is delivered within 2-3 days from anywhere in the contiguous states. When shipping USPS Priority Mail, be sure to also purchase a Delivery Notification, which will assign you a tracking number. Please specify "No Signature Required". Our mail is received daily, however, if the mail carrier has to obtain a signature and no one is available, at the moment, he will have to take your flowers back to the Post Office, where they may sit for several more days, which we want to avoid, for obvious reasons.

13) Can you make candle lights from previously dried flowers?Yes, we can use previously dried flowers, as long as they are not molded and have not disintegrated beyond recognition. We have actually made a candle light using flowers that were 62 years old! They had been pressed within the pages of a book and were very well preserved. Many flowers that are decades old still have their color and are able to be placed in a candle light to be viewed and enjoyed daily!

14) Why are there small holes in my candle lights?There will always be small holes in the wax walls and a small portion of some of the flowers may be exposed. This is normal - not a defect. It is due to the hand-crafted nature of the product and the irregular flower petal surfaces, but does not detract from the beauty of your candle light.

14) If my candle light gets damaged or broken, can you repair it?  Yes, in most cases, we can put "Humpty Dumpty" together again! We understand that your candle light has tremendous sentiment attached to it. First and foremost, we encourage you to follow the instructions and guidelines that we suggest. However, we realize that accidents happen. In those rare instances, if you will send us the damaged candle light, we will inspect it and determine whether it is necessary to melt and re-design your candle light. Sometimes, that is not necessary and a few little steps will do the trick. In either case, the main thing is that your original flowers will still be displayed in your candle light.

15) How long have you been in business?Since 1995.